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Contact: lazylingerieblog@gmail.com

I'm Lily*, a queer 20-something lover of lingerie.

In late 2014 I discovered my proper bra size after years of discomfort. I quickly became enraptured with the D+ lingerie world and community. I often 'bravangelize' about being properly fitted, as I believe strongly that a well-fitting bra can alter someone's life for the better. I created this blog with hopes of me throwing in my two cents about the way items fit/look/feel.

Let's be real, it's also really fun for me to wear pretty things and photograph them!

I hope that I can help fill a niche in the bra-blog world, as I haven't come across any quite in my size range. My bra size is currently 34FF/G (UK sizing) and I wear size 14 (UK) briefs.

Update: As of January 2016 my size seemed to shift to where I now wear around a 34G/34GG depending on the bra.

My shape is (according to ABTF jargon), projected (lots of immediate projection), even fullness, with tall roots and average/wide roots.

The Lazy Lingerie blog is meant to be a resource (as well as a fun photographic endeavor for me), and body snark/creepy behavior isn't tolerated.

*Obviously a pseudonym, named after my first bra that fit :)

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