Review: Panache Jasmine Bra/Briefs & What Katie Did Maitresse Suspender Belt

There's something utterly glamorous about walking around doing daily activities wearing a suspender belt. It's a bit lost to time I think, since we have stockings and pantyhose etc, but suspender belts add the same kind of bounce to your step that matching lingerie sets do. Combine those all together and I'm feeling pretty good.

I'll start by reviewing the bra and brief set before moving on to the suspender belt.

Panache Jasmine 34FF in Black Ricamo


I immediately fell in love with Jasmine's Black Ricamo colorway (though there's a beautiful array of colors it has been made in, including a pink hounds-tooth for SS 2015). It's dark and sexy and while yes, it's another floral pattern, it's not typical at all. "Ricamo" means "embroidery" in Italian, and when I first saw it I thought the flowers might have a bit of three-dimensionality. However, they're just printed onto the fabric, though I don't think it hurts the look of the set.

This bra is quite popular, like I said, due to its beautiful shaping and versatile fit. The side panels bring all the breast tissue in and then up, nice and lifted. The stretch lace on the top of the cups is quite forgiving to any top-fullness. This was the first bra I tried on with a 34 band and the feeling was glorious.  I think that initial feeling has been tempered somewhat, as I do think I need to size up (a bit of pain going down the stairs makes me feel like I'm not being perfectly supported at all angles). I think the cut of the bra is perfect for me, however. Note, for ladies with larger bands/cups Panache's Sculptresse line carries the Chi-Chi bra that uses Jasmine's cut, it's super cute!
Now that I've worn it for a while I've identified a few issues, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone with similarly shaped breasts. I have had some pain with the wires being too short, and they pinch my armpit when I shift (I think this is due to me having a shorter torso, ymmv). Also, the straps slip off more than other bras I've tried. Perhaps this would be alleviated with the larger cup, but in particular if you know a certain wire height works best for you keep this in mind. The fabric is soft and not at all itchy, including the lace.


The briefs are lovely and soft, and have the same lacy detailing on front of the brief as the top of the bra (which I did not capture well, sorry). I think they actually run perhaps slightly small, though they weren't uncomfortable just squishing into me a bit. Might just be a matter of preference! The back of the briefs is a sheer black fabric with no extra patterns. I would have loved to have seen some sort of extra embellishment on the back, be in a bow or a little keyhole detail.

What Katie Did Maitresse Black Satin Suspender Belt


Don't mind the bruise on my leg, I'm sure it won't be the last on the blog as I'm always running into tables etc.

I did not go into my local lingerie shop expecting to pick up a suspender belt, but I couldn't resist this one. The stockings were also made by What Katie Did. I'm not one to typically splurge on stockings, but these have a lovely back seam and feel pretty robust. I think they're worth the $15.


The Maitresse suspender belt has an undoubtedly retro look to it, with the high waist. I think my favorite part about it are the shiny satiny side-panels, which remind me of leather and add a little edge to the design. There are a few little details that make this suspender belt a step above simply being utilitarian, like the tiny ruffle edges and the central bow. This belt also comes in a peach color, which I have tried on but didn't love as it was slightly translucent and less flattering. The only downside to this suspender belt is that it does not have a strap going directly down from the back over the bum, which I think is quite sexy. This is purely personal taste, though.

If you've like me and have ever worn a suspender belt designed more with the boudoir in mind than daily use, you'll find that by lunch time the belt is sliding down your thighs. This belt, with its four hook closure and six adjustable straps and is going nowhere, especially as it is fastened snugly around your upper waist. I'm in love with the little silver clasps, which allow you to fasten the straps very loose then slide the clasp up the length to tighten. WAY easier than bending yourself into a frustrated pretzel trying to attach the damn stocking. As for shaping, I wouldn't say it's exactly shapewear as it won't smooth in the way that spanx might, but it does offer a little extra support throughout the day.

I have worn this belt throughout the entire day with little issue. I love the way the fabric feels and while I dislike the lack of 'bum straps' (sorry), I'm sure that helps make it way more comfortable to sit down in.

Phew, that was several reviews in one, hope it was useful! (You can find all of these on Amazon if you're keen). I'd love to make wearing suspender/garter belts more of an everyday thing in my wardrobe. It's kind of fanciful.

Thanks for reading~

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