Review: Sculptresse Navy Flirtini Bra and Briefs

I was first recommended Sculptresse bras on /r/ABraThatFits, and I'm happy to say this bra is probably my favorite currently (thanks ABTFers!). The Sculptresse line itself is made by Panache, and is designed for plus-size women. As I'm right in-between 'regular' and plus sizing, especially for my bust, it works quite well for me though if you are any smaller than a 34 band I'm not sure it would work. I had to sister-size to a 36FF as they start at 36 band (my usual size being 34G), but because the band runs slightly firm it works quite well. I was losing light when I took these photos so I didn't quite as many angles as I'd like but hopefully it's still useful.


This bra is. SO CUTE. I'm a huge sucker for polka dots and navy blue so it's no surprise to me that I'd be drawn to this one. The cup fits like a full-cup bra but I love that it's absolutely not matronly. I think the lace detail on the top half of the cup gives it a bit of flirty sexiness and keep the cup from looking TOO full coverage. I'm also in love with the hot pink trim and bows, it's simple but adds a little extra.

To elaborate on what I was discussing about the fit above, I sister-sized to a 36FF and have had no issues. I think Flirtini's band might be on the firmer side for Sculptresse in general so I recommend it if you're like me where a very firm 34 band (like cleo) you have to wear an extender for a few wears, but regular 36 bands are just too big. The full-cup style is perfect for my tall roots. Unlike my usual panache issue of my breast tissue/fat escaping the wires on the side causing awful pinching when I move around this one stays really locked and loaded. I think this is probably an aspect of the wire width/full-cup style but I'm still figuring out the different distinctions between wire width/height etc etc. It's just a relief not to be stabbed in the armpit. The only downside I have with this bra is that the cup sometimes slides down out of the inframammary fold--the crease where the breast meets the body. I have this problem a lot with bras, I think it's an issue of there not being enough projection in the bra and also it's possible my size has fluctuated. Due to birth control and weight changes and possibly tissue migration I may actually be slightly different size. That said it's not nearly as bad as some other bras I've tried so I'll happily overlook it.

When I wear this bra I feel comfortable and secure but not like BAM HERE WE ARE which is the feeling I have in say, my Cleo Lucy. So if you're looking for something supportive but want to avoid putting someone's eye out with your tits, this might be good! (I'm exaggerating...a little). I really have no complaints about the comfort of this bra, it's my go-to right now.

Ugh, again how cute are these?! The polka dot panel, the sheer navy with tiny little dots (swoon), and the lace detail on the edges is just perfect. I do wish it was like, REALLY high-waisted. It doesn't come up to my natural waist at all and I think I would be over the moon if it were just a teeny bit higher. I bought these in UK size 14 (US 12), and they fit nicely on my bum, no cutting in or riding up.

As you can see, I really dig this set. It'll also be available in a red colorway for SS15, if you're interested :)

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