Curvy Kate Scantilly Pounce Set (Bra, Waspie, Briefs) 34G

Wow, I'm sooo excited about this set! When Curvy Kate announced their new Scantilly line, I was incredibly pumped for some sexy lingerie options for full-busts. Despite Curvy Kate being an absolute mainstay D+ brand, I have actually never tried their bras! Their usual designs are bright, cheery, and youthful, all things I support but not my typical style. Yet Scantilly...Oh, Scantilly.

Bras 30-38 DD-HH ($80), Waspie/Briefs S-XL ($55/$45)

I was lured into splurging on my first Scantilly set during Figleaves' Black Friday Sale. With such a variety of delightful and sexy sets for me to buy how did I decide which one to try first? (Believe me, I mean 'sets' quite deliberately. There's no way I'm splitting up the family). I chose Pounce to start. Folks, I am not what you'd call an animal print person. Yet the design is dark and subdued and the leopard spots small and condensed. The print combined with the design overall has a kind of classic retro decadence to it, shown in the styling of the promotional images. The leopard print seems to be a cheeky little wink, as if to say "I'm a classy lady...but not that classy" which I love.

Anyway, to answer the question, I bought it because of the waspie (I love waspies!).

I don't usually buy higher-end lingerie, and it's a real treat to open up a package where what you're getting is so clearly a tier above the usual insofar as construction and materials. I love details in my lingerie, and this one has many sweet ones such as small satin bows, mesh ruffles and rose-gold details. The leopard-print fabric is silky and has a certain luster that is quite beautiful.

Scantilly sets are clearly designed for the boudoir, so I'll be judging the fit based on slightly different criteria than usual. This isn't the kind of bra you'd 'chase the bus in', so I won't be treating it like those workhorse bras I wear daily. That said I do have pretty high standards for fit along with low expectations for molded/padded bras like this one. They usually make me feel like I have something bulky on my breasts, and they never fit quite right for the amount of projection I have. I was pleasantly surprised by Pounce. I think the way they designed the cup was quite smart, with a gently sloping upper-cup and vertical seams which push the breast tissue upwards, creating alluring cakes-on-a-plate cleavage.

Lookit them cakes!

It is definitely shallow, but I find that works to its advantage in giving that extra boost since it is so open on top. I was also impressed by how well the wires stayed close to my inframammary fold, a difficult feat even for much more projected bras. However the gore does not tack and I do have some quad-boob and breast tissue escaping the sides which all indicates too-small a cup. The band is also fairly stretchy, and I think if I were to get a "perfect" fit I would size up in the cup and down in the band (so going from 34G to 32H). I went back and forth for a while on whether to exchange the bra for a different size. I ultimately decided against it because I love the va-va-voom cleavage I get here which is often only possible for me in a small cup due to my wide-set breasts. While my breasts do settle into the cups a bit after the intial scoop and swoop, I'm impressed by how lifted they remain even after plenty of movement.

I have added the bra's measurements on bratabase if you are looking for more detail.

The waspie is lovely but is too large for me (I was wearing it on the tightest hooks), and kept sliding down. Your mileage may vary--I often forget how small my waist is compared to the rest of me, and I will be exchanging for a size medium. The boning doesn't do a ton of shaping at this size and I look forward to seeing how a medium cinches in my waist.

The briefs (size large) seem true to size yet often feel like they're sliding off my butt in a disconcerting way. I'm not sure if they're too small or if the fabric is too slippery or something, but the rise is a bit strange from front to back. I am not planning to return it for larger since I don't really want more coverage, but in the future I might elect to get a thong.

The luxury of this set is apparent in the fabric choices. The leopard print is particularly silky and decadent, and the mesh is much softer than other mesh lingerie I've worn. The bra is fairly comfortable, though I find the cup wings to be a bit high and wide into my armpits which causes some rubbing. This might also be related to the strap placement being too wide, though I usually don't have that issue since I have broad shoulders. Another point of discomfort is that the bottom of the gore (not sure how else to put that), where the band is in the front tends to cut in slightly to my stomach. Most of these issues I imagine are caused by the size being too small. They are not by any means unbearable, but worth mentioning.

The waspie does have those bow embellishments where they meet the stockings, which is darling, but makes them rather difficult to attach. I tend to struggle with garters on a good day, though, so keep that in mind.

In conclusion, I had high hopes for Scantilly Pounce and it exceeded my expectations as a beautiful, high-end boudoir set for full-busts. The entire set's design is very smart and works with a full-figured body and breast shape rather than against it. It will take some restraint to not buy up more of the line immediately, and this is definitely not the last you'll see of the brand on the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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