Figleaves Lulu Tout Fleur Rose 34G & Briefs

As I mentioned in my last Figleaves Carmen review, I love the styles that are coming out of Figleaves' house brands lately. This set is made under the label Lulu Tout which are "French-inspired styles up to a H cup". Fleur Rose is exactly the kind of romantic, unique and affordable design that I gravitate towards. Sadly, it didn't quite work for me for reasons I'll outline below.

Available in 30-38 DD-H at $40 (Briefs: $27)
I am an absolute sucker for florals and navy blue. I love the sheer layer that is wrapped in a soft peachy fabric embroidered with navy roses. The quality of the details is really quite lovely on Fleur Rose, especially for the price. The hardware is a pretty copper color, and there's a sweet keyhole detail in the gore. All of these factors should result in a bra I'd love and cherish but (spoilers) it fell flat in the fit.

So pretty in theory...
This bra is a very similar to fit to Carmen. The band runs true to size and it's small in the cup with narrow wires. I did not attempt to size up though, because the shape is wholly incompatible with my breasts. It is very shallow and in particular has very little immediate projection along with a single vertical seam. This funnels my breast tissue up to the apex where it creates a very unattractive triangular shape. (Similar to my experience with Pour Moi? Treasure, actually).

Sad-shallow-triangle shape

I actually think that I may have been able to fudge the fit on this one though if--if!--that beautiful rose top-layer had been attached. This is a common complaint with Figleaves' bras (one that was also an issue for me with Carmen). With the way my breasts settle into the cups it makes the design lift away for a very awkward effect. I think if you are shallower this might work, but it's a luck of the draw how that fabric lies against the skin, sadly.

Those roses are making a run for it

Despite my fit issues, I actually found this bra to be fairly comfortable. The fabric is soft and the sheer mesh is fairly forgiving. While the narrow/short aspect of the wires do poke me a bit, it was something I was considering overlooking for the appeal of the design.

The briefs are lovely. I don't have any detailed images of them unfortunately, but the embroidery is identical to the bra's. I haven't been shy about how much I love the look of this set, and the briefs have a nice rise and the sheerness of the fabric is very delicate. I bought them in a size 14 UK per usual, and they fit true to size. 

Since discovering the ubiquity of Figleaves' designs featuring that maddening unattached upper-layer, I've been shy about ordering from them since. I do think that I will venture into exploring more of their styles though, since the true problem was the shape of the bra being incompatible with my breasts. Stay tuned!

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