Quest for a Plunge: Panache Tango II Plunge Tea Rose 32H

Panache Tango II plunge is "the perfect accompaniment to the best selling Tango Balconnet bra", according to Panache's website. I have tried the regular Tango balconnet but it has never become a staple in my bra-drobe mostly due to personal taste. But when I started looking into plunges I decided to give Tango II plunge a shot.

28-40 D-K, 42 D-J, 44 DD-FF

Tango is kind of a workhorse bra, in my experience. The Tango II plunge is a three-part cup with a bow at the gore and few other adornments.  It's function-first, and while the design is certainly not unappealing, it has alway struck me as a bit plain. Now this is coming from someone who loves elaborate lace and highly impractical bits and bobs all over her lingerie. However, I am particularly charmed by the 'tea rose' color which is soft and feminine. Some colors I think just work better for Tango's design with the (apparently Austrian) embroidery.

Detail shot!
I will say that this bra is the most plunging that I've tried, with a gore height of two inches. Unfortunately the shape is a bit too pointy and doesn't quite provide the lift that I desire.

Tango seems to run about one size larger in the band, so I did size down. The cups are true to size with wide wires. As you can probably see there is some wrinkling at the bottom of the cup which makes me think that it may lack some immediate projection. Even though I desire a super-low gore like this one I do think it compromises a lot of the lift. I am beginning to wonder if I can find what I'm looking for in a unlined bra (despite my rocky history with molded bras...).

Tango II Plunge is fairly comfy. The sides come up a bit high and do rub my armpits a bit. The bottom of the gore cuts into my stomach as well.

I just realized I forgot to get dress photos of this one! Oh well. Tango II Plunge isn't the worst fit but I'm looking for a bra that lifts a bit more effectively and isn't quite as natural/pointy of a shape. My interest in Tango was definitely ignited again with the new balconnet colorway "Grey Mix" which is like...a perfect color-combo in my opinion. Unfortunately if you're eyeing the plunge it's only available in beige, black, and white (lame!) though admittedly that is very...practical.

The search continues!

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