Quest for A Plunge: Panache Idina Plunge 34GG + Figleaves Seduce Satin Tie Bikini

On my continuing search for a great plunge bra, I tried out another Panache offering: Idina Plunge. Stretchier than Fontaine with more lift than Tango II, I genuinely thought that this was The One. Unfortunately this is a case of a bra working perfectly when I tried it on but "in action" it is not quite as perfect as it seemed. That said, this is the only plunge I've tried that I've actually kept and not returned, so it does have quite a bit going for it even if it is not ideal.

30-38 D-H

Idina has an appealing minimal design, and while that is not usually my thing there are enough details to keep me interested. The top half of the cup has sheer lace stretch fabric whereas the lower half is lightly lined. The lace design itself is very sophisticated without being too frilly.I love the rose gold hardware, such as the loops that connect the cups to the straps which elevate the design and keep it from being too plain. I would have loved a little detail at the gore, such as a rose gold charm, though I think a bow would be too youthful for such a sleek-looking design. One unique aspect of Idina that I like is that there are only two hooks in the back, whereas full-bust bra bands tend to be thicker with four+ hooks to support larger breasts.

When I first tried on Idina I was ready to gush about it--in fact, all my notes on fit are glowing. The cup volume and band size felt true-to-size. The wires are average width and has some great lift with a high apex despite it being an unlined plunge. It has fully adjustable straps which are vital for some people. Have you ever tried on a bra that you felt changed the game, yet when you wear out and about it completely flops? I'm sad to report that Idina rides down out of my inframammary fold very easily throughout the day. This indicates that it is too shallow of a bra, at least at the bottom of the cup. It is quite possible that I would do better in a larger cup size (and perhaps a snugger band) in Idina. I do think it may be a case of needing more projection in general, an issue that comes up often for me. Another complaint is that the gore is a bit high for my needs (~3 inches). Like I mentioned at the start, I did decide to keep Idina since it does deliver as a basic, if imperfect, plunge. But I do not consider my "quest for a plunge" solved just yet.

Your regular reminder to pay no mind to the ass-bruises ;)

My fit considerations after finding Idina lacking is to consider sizing up in the cup and perhaps even sizing down in the band, since that may be contributing to the slippage I'm experiencing. (Also given I'm kind of in-between 34 and 32 bands I might do well in a 32).

Dress shot! Gore is a OK but the bra does poke out a bit without pinning, sadly
The stretch fabric on Idina is lovely, and extremely comfortable. I've talked before about how I prefer when a bra 'disappears' when I put it on, and that was exactly my experience. The lace is soft and not at scratchy.

Figleaves Boudoir Seduce Satin Side Tie Bikini - Large

I really love the design of these black lacey briefs, and I was looking forward to finding more black underwear I could mix-and-match since they go with almost anything. The Seduce Satin Tie Bikini is super cute and the satin ties are actual ties and not solely cosmetic.

My main reaction though was "wow, this is super stretchy!" This sounds like a good thing, especially given I have an ample bottom, but I could nearly pull the waist of the briefs up my entire torso. It ended up feeling a bit loose and uncomfortable with all that stretch even though it looks quite nice. I think I could have gotten away with a smaller size in this design (whereas I usually wear large) if the coverage didn't change drastically. This is great news for people who have hips and bottoms that don't usually fit in straight sizes, as I think it could fit several sizes larger. It was not for me, however, and I did end up returning it.

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  1. Have you ever tried the Elomi Carmen plunge? It's one of my favorite bras and I always recommend it when I see anyone talking about plunge bras.

    1. I have not! (Haven't tried any elomi, in fact). I will have to check it out, thanks!