Review: Panache Sculptresse Paradise 36FF Bra & Briefs

Hey folks! So like I said in the Flirtini review, I have found that Panache's Sculptresse line works quite well for me despite having to sister size to a higher band (I believe I heard that they're adding 34 bands next season? Heck yeah). Paradise is no exception, though it's not my favorite bra/brief set for reasons I'll explain in a moment...

Paradise is a very refreshing bra, design-wise. It's especially remarkable because Sculptresse is a plus-size brand, and it's exciting to see more interesting designs for people in that size range. I'm in love with the butterfly print and the Escher-esque butterfly-to-geometric-pattern effect, especially with the sheer fabric. The pink bows seem almost incongruous but it does add a little pop of flirty girlishness which is probably a negative quality for some people (You could always take scissors to them pretty easily). I'm once again impressed by Sculptresse's ability to make bras that are ostensibly 'full coverage' but are still sexy and intriguing to look at.

I'm a little iffy on the fit of Paradise. I've had the bra for a while now and wear it regularly, but I don't reach for it as often as other bras. As you can probably see, it lifts nicely and has an appealing shape. But I still have issues with the cup sliding down under the inframammary fold (probably exacerbated by the 36 band, but also it's might be a lack of projection in the cup?*) which is the bane of my bra-existence. The fabric on the top only works for me because of my tall roots, but if you're very full-on-bottom it will likely wrinkle and not lay correctly. Throughout the day and in different positions (seated, lounging, etc.) I do notice some wrinkling. The fabric is not stretch, so it's not quite as forgiving as it could be.

This bra is quite comfortable. I have no issues with the gore or wires poking uncomfortable. Like my Flirtini review, I've found the wires on Paradise to also be in that sweet spot where they aren't stabbing or pinching me in the pits. The aforementioned issue of the underwire riding down is my main complaint. 

I was honestly pretty bummed by these briefs (no pun intended?) They're just as pretty design-wise as the bra, but the leg holes for some reason seemed a bit tight and squeeze my flesh in a way that's both unappealing and a bit uncomfortable. These are the same size as the Flirtini briefs (UK 14), but they fit completely differently...The rise is in a strange state of being neither high nor low and hits a fairly awkward spot on my stomach.

 I would love to try more Sculptresse styles in the future, they're doing some great work (despite my issues with this set). If you're in the plus-size range and are looking for some pretty and well-constructed lingerie, definitely check them out.


  1. I have three Sculptresse bras - Paradise, Flirtini and Chi Chi, all in 38G. They seem to all fit roughly the same all though the firmer top of Flirtini is slightly better for the shallowness I have at the centre V. I'm not a pastels kind of person so I probably won't be buying any of the SS15 range except the red Flirtini if I see it at a good price. I am looking forward to the AW15 bras as the colours are much more me.

    1. Yeah I'm not super into spring's color ways either sadly. I've tried on Chi-Chi and it worked quite well for me but I wasn't into the color unfortunately. I'm excited about AW15 also, it's such a bummer we have to wait so long haha!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I love it :)

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