Asos Wolf & Whistle Swimwear Review: Miami Palm Print Longline and Underwired Plunge Bikini Top Leaf Print 34G

So apparently I'm doing my blog's name justice with so few posts lately...Though my absence from the blog has mainly been due to work and life stuff rather than pure laziness. I've had a bunch of photos just sitting on my computer and I'm happy to finally put them to use in some reviews.

My top priority has been these swimsuits. Now that I'm properly fit for bra-sized swimwear, I don't think I can ever go back to my 'large' halter bikini top with my my boobs so poorly supported. Asos is a wonderful resource for cute DD+ swimwear, with plenty of fashionable cuts and styles. I do love the regular bra companies (panache/cleo, freya, etc) for their swimsuits, but I think Asos is ahead of the curve in creating suits that are super trendy. Such a selection! (Up to cup size G, at least). Unfortunately, it comes with some pitfalls of variable sizing and cup-construction foibles.

Though, keep in mind these were pretty relatively cheap! They do free shipping and returns, so you really aren't risking much by trying them.

Miami Print Longline: $36/South Beach Mix and Match Tie Bikini Bottom $18
Underwire Plunge Bikini Top Leaf Print $29/Hipster Bikini Bottom $22


Miami Print Longline with South Beach Mix and Match Tie Bikini Bottom

Well I have to say, after trying on this longline swimsuit, I am HELL BENT on getting one! The pattern is very contemporary and a bit neon. Didn't love the colors a ton, but it is very flattering. I was honestly surprised at how much I loved the construction...But sadly is has some serious fit issues.

These are molded cups, which I have come to expect very little of. The cups gaped a great deal, leaving me feeling like my breasts just pooled into the bottom without much support beyond the structure of the cups themselves. It hardly tacked at all. I would say the cups are just too big in this style, but I think it's a combination of that and the shape being far too shallow and open at the top. I could hardly pull the wires into my inframammary fold, and it was just a matter of trying to plop my boobs into molded cups that were wholly incompatible.

It's even worse than I could capture on camera, sadly.

Due to the fit issues, this obviously don't rank high on comfort just for how it's rejecting my chest's shape. However, I would say the fabric and the band size seemed on the mark and comfortable. Unfortunately I do not have images of the back, but it actually tapers to a plastic closure rather than the typical longline construction where the back is equally as wide as the front.

These briefs are suuuper standard. Nothing to write home about. I bought them in a size 12 US, and the coverage is what you would expect (a bit of butt cheek but the amount that I'm comfortable baring).  I did elect not to buy the briefs that they came with because while I love that strappy style, I knew it would cut riiight into the least flattering place on my hips.


Underwired Plunge Bikini Top - Leaf Print


Arghhh THIS is what I mean by cool, contemporary prints! I was particularly smitten by this banana leaf print which you can find everywhere these days.

Case in point
 So I was THRILLED to find this print in a bikini all the way up to a G-cup! The colors are super vibrant and jazzy. While I was somewhat apprehensive about a halter, I do love the thin, double-strap construction. But despite this, the fit was once again a barrier to me buying it outright.

The cup size on this bikini is much better than the previous, but still has some issues. I think it was definitely a bit on the small side, which you can see by a tiny bit of quad-boobing. I will say, that beyond the egregious incompatibility of the first bikini, I'm okay with a little bit of size fudging in my swimsuits. They're not purely functional, and I only pull them out a few times a year. That's only taking into account that the size issues aren't unflattering, though.

Because of the small cup and the horizontal seam construction (rather than what I prefer, which is a bit of size support to bring my projected breasts forward more), led my boobs to be a bit squashed. Despite it being a plunge, the gore didn't tack and I feel my breasts being slung more east-west towards my armpits rather than perky and up. It's possible that the halter top style pulled my boobs apart rather than a much more preferable ill-fitting-but-sexy cleavage effect with normal straps.

You can see some wrinkling at the bottom of the cup also, so it's quite possible it is way better suited for shallow shapes as well.


 Similar to the black ones I tried on, these are pretty standard and also a size 12. Fit true to size, and I could easily imagine swimming in them. Sigh, I still love that print...


I may try out more Asos swimwear in the future, but I actually really have my eye set on the new Cleo longline (I told you, longline swimsuits are my jam now!)... Perhaps in the future I'll have that up for review as well. Thanks for reading!

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