Pour Moi? Treasure Unlined Bra & Briefs 34G


While I could honestly outfit myself soley in Panache and buy myself a bunch of the same bras for the sake of functionality, I love going and finding other brands to try than the same safe choices. 
I was recommended Pour Moi? in their unlined styles. In retrospect, there are bras in their line that would fit better than Treasure Unlined Bra. (Keep in mind, there are two different Treasure bra models, a padded one and this unlined version. Along with a bevvy of slips/briefs/sexy negligee under the same name). It is hard to resist, though, as it is a gorgeous bra and has an amazing attention to detail. 
I had a sour experience getting this bra to me, sadly. I ordered from Asos on sale, and actually got the bra for ~$20! I was thrilled, but annoyingly they sent me the wrong size after they sold out. I loved the briefs so much though that I caved and bought it full price (around $40) on figleaves.

This bra and brief set is absolutely gorgeous. Considering it is not strictly a luxury brand, I am obsessed with the attention to the detail. The pink satin is soft and and the lace is laid out in a delicate and sexy way. This is definitely a boudoir set, which I would love to have. Along with the lace peeking out from under the bra and out the top of the briefs, there are tiny bows and even tinier little key-charms attached to them.

Sadly, the love affair with Treasure (bra) ends at the looks. The shape is incredibly shallow, as you can see in the wrinkling at the bottom of the cups. The gore does not tack perfectly, and it just splays my breasts out as shallow-shape-incompatible bras tend to do.

That said. I would have kept it just for sexy occasions. In fact, I kept the briefs! (More on those below) Yet this was the real issue:

 This is just a truly terrible shape for my breasts. Cup size and width seemed fairy true to size, just not for boobs as projected as mine.

Look at that peek-a-boo detail!!! AHHHH

I am skipping comfort, as honestly you can get the idea from the shape that the fabric is comfy but the fit issues cannot be ignored. The BRIEFS however, I have actually kept!  I feel like these are incredibly flattering to me, someone who prefers low-rise and string undies for a more sexy look. The lace and key details on the front are so darling, and the back has such a unusual and intriguing construction. Now to find a bra that matches it....


Thanks for reading! :)

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