Review: Wacoal Women's Embrace Lace Chemise - Size Large - Cappuccino/Mocha

This is a bit of a change of pace! When I got really heavily into the bra-world, the general array of lingerie I had been unaware of also began to pique my interest. It's refreshing to be able to buy "misses" sized frilly things, when my quest for bras is slightly limited by my size. 

Also unique after shopping in 'limited' DD+ sizing for a while in search of bras, is that the Embrace Lace Chemise has a wide array of colors available! I opted for this Cappuccino/Mocha combo which is gorgeous and understated. But if you're more inclined towards something punchier, there might be a colorway you'll like...

 The Embrace Lace line also includes several styles of bras (which seem to stop at DDD cups, 32-40 band sizes) as well as briefs in a couple styles and a garter belt. I bought the chemise on Amazon and other products can be seen there as well. I bought mine full-price at $60. I'm not a huge spender, but occasionally will put some gift money towards something 'frivolous'. I have seen it for cheaper on amazon as well as occasionally on Zulily.

 I'm in love with the details and design of this chemise. The zig-zag shapes of fabric on the top 'bodice' part are extremely flattering and I love that it creates some interest around the natural curve of my waist. The lace is gorgeous and tiny and detailed, and the fabric is very soft and appropriately luxurious feeling. It's just a very nicely constructed piece of clothing that seems to hug my body quite nicely. There is, obviously, no support for my breasts or any shaping whatsoever.

 I bought the size large, which fits pretty well. It is, however, quite short! It just barely covers my butt. Not a huge issue for me, as I largely use this as a non-functional piece.

I have, in fact, worn this in a semi-functional manner. I used it under a dress when I went out one evening. It worked alright, it did ride up a bit and truthfully it is too expensive and fancy looking for me to use on a regular basis in this way. (For people who buy serious luxury lingerie, I'm sure that sounds a bit silly! I'm pretty frugal overall though, despite my bra-buying addiction). I think if you buy this, you shouldn't expect a whole lot of utility. It is pretty damn sexy though!

 In conclusion, this is super pretty and I love it. But I don't really use it a ton, unless sexytimes or I want to make myself feel luxurious eating ben and jerrys on my bed. If you're looking for a chemise/slip/sexy-wear, it's hard to beat the sales price and the ease of ordering from Amazon!

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