Quest for a Plunge: Panache Fontaine Plunge, Coral, 34G

My plunge quest continues!
Fontaine is a bra that caught my eye immediately when it was released last year. The color coral is a favorite of mine and, of course, I've been keeping my eye out for plunges I may want to try.

30-38 D-H
This is a very pretty bra. The fabric is slightly sheer but a bit stiff with a gorgeous understated three-dimensional design (which I think, much to my satisfaction, came out well in the photos). Actually the entire bra is quite understated. It's minimal and delicate, with a few details like the flat bow at the gore, scalloped straps, and texture in the pattern to keep it from being dull. It would have been a great addition to my bra-drobe had the fit worked for the way I hoped.

So, I will admit that this is a bra that does not take size fluctuation well. The fabric has absolutely no stretch to it at all, and is rigid against my breast shape. I do think since I'm in-between 34G and 34GG that the size is definitely a bit off and that I'm wearing too small of a cup. There is some mega quadding on my left boob in particular, which is partially size-related, though I will say that this bra does lack quite a bit of projection in the center and bottom of the cups. The cut makes a bit of a pointy, natural shape and the wires are relatively wide. I do not know if stretch-fabric would have been feasible for a plunge, but I find myself wishing there was a panel of stretch to gently cradle my breasts rather than cutting unforgivably into them.

I'm not sure why the other side didn't quad. I think I was more aggressively swooping the left?

My main issue comfort-wise is that the wires are too short and pinch my armpits which is a big bra pet-peeve of mine. I can imagine the fabric may irritate some people also, as it is rather stiff and not particularly soft.

obligatory dress-shot

I may have tried a size up in Fontaine, but it wasn't being sold on Amazon in 34GG in this colorway. There is a very beautiful bright purply-magenta color from AW15, but it's just not the coral that I love. I do think even in the right size that the cut would not give me the lift I desire, and the cups would remain too shallow. On to the next!

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