Sexy Impractical Lingerie for Full Busts: ASOS Anya Split Front Bralet Size Large

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!

This bralet is a little something different to start off 2016. I really enjoy buying frivolous bedroom lingerie but most of the time I can't fit into pieces sized S/M/L. Sometimes I can get away with a size large, but if there are built-in cups or seams you better bet they'll ride halfway up my chest for an unflattering look. That, or I buy something that sorta-fits but offers so little support that it's uncomfortable. That's why I have been celebrating this Asos bralet, as it's not only super sexy and fits me, it actually feels quite snug and comfy despite the sizing.

I bought mine for $28, though it eventually went on sale for $19
Unfortunately this bralet is sold out*. Sadface. But I am so delighted by the construction of the bralet overall that I'm hoping that at least knowing that the style is accommodating to full-busts will be helpful. (In fact, if you know of other companies making bralets like this, then by all means give me a heads up!)

I love the shape of this bralet, echoing some trends towards halter-style lingerie. The lace is admittedly pretty low-quality, as I've hand-washed it ~5 times and it's starting to pill pretty badly. I do love the lacey trim in the middle of the cups and on the straps. There isn't a lot of lift, of course, but there is some subtle shaping happening where I get some nice cleavage and my breasts aren't left completely hanging.

The size large fits fairly well. The band is predictably too big and I hook it on the tightest hooks. The lace is stretchy and accommodating. Obviously for this kind of bralet I'm not looking for a tacking gore or anything of the like, but the 'cups' are large enough to wrap around my breasts like a sling and do not ride up at all. You can see how there is a bit of pulling from the neck but I think that's inevitable.

I have tried on many bralets in the past and they usually made me feel like I was flopping all over the place! I think what makes this one so comfortable is that there are straps in addition to the neck closure (which closes with a plastic clasp, by the way). So the weight of my breasts is not all hanging on my neck like most halters, it gets distributed across my shoulders to the band as well. This is one of the only non-functional pieces I have worn out of the house under normal clothing because I felt reasonably supported.

In conclusion, I apologize for posting a rave review for something you can't buy!* I think due to the low-quality of the materials that it was probably not worth the $28 I spent, but the $19 sales price seems reasonable to me. Especially given how comfy it is. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for other bralets that have a similar construction.

Update: I recently spied this bralet on Asos being sold under the same name! The lace and styling is slightly different but worth checking out as the overall design appears to be identical!


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    1. Awww, haha! I'm sorry! I just saw that Asos added a new bralet with slightly different lace on their site! check the end of the post for a link, I just added it as an update :)

  2. Wow. I am in love with fabric and fitting description given by you. I have been working under designing and production business of sexy outfits for long and I understand why this masterpiece has been sold out so quick. I would love to check more of you.