Review: Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher Black 34GG

As I mentioned in my Scantilly Pounce review,  I haven't explored much of Curvy Kate's offerings.  It was fate, apparently, that I try on some of their bras in the near future. The reason I received this bra was a shipping mistake when I ordered a different bra on Amazon. Dreamcatcher is a rather cute bra so I wasn't particularly distressed by the mixup!

 28 - 40 D - K, 42 - 44 D - G
I was pleasantly surprised to get a misplaced bra that actually fit quite well (I can hardly manage that when I'm meticulously picking out bras for myself).

Dreamcatcher has a sweet, youthful design. The style of the sheer top layer is both sexy and unique compared to traditional lace. On, it has a slightly natural shape but with a high apex and lifts quite nicely. Dreamcatcher also comes in a charming beige color ("biscotti", cute!), and a  wide variety of bright, poppy colors which I think compliment the design if you prefer something less conservative. I did notice what looked like a couple very minor manufacturing defects, such as a couple tiny ragged bits of the sheer fabric sticking out at the seams. Not great, but also something you can easily just pick off like a stray thread.

I was particularly surprised by how comfortable and nicely sized this bra is, especially considering my limited experience with Curvy Kate bras. I would say the cups are very much true-to-size with a slightly large band. I noticed the gore is rather narrow, which is fairly inconsequential for someone like me with wide-set breasts, but for closer-set breasts this may be a big selling point. The wires stayed right in my inframammary fold, telling me that there is a nice amount of projection throughout the cup. The top sheer layer does wrinkle a tiny bit which makes me think I'm right on the cusp of having just enough upper fullness to fill it. it is advertised as having an 'elastic edge' on the top of the cup, though that really does only apply to the edge and not the fabric itself. I'm not sure if someone had trouble with it cutting into their tissue that the elastic edge alone would help, but it is a nice detail and may help with size fluctuations.

As I mentioned, this is a comfy bra for me. Only complaints are that the fabric is a bit rough and scratchy, and the height of the cups cause them to rub in my armpits a bit which isn't terribly pleasant.

I think this bra is an excellent option for an 'everyday basics' bra for someone in my size and shape range. Or even not in my range, given the large size range it is available in. I think if you're too full-on-bottom it may gape and wrinkle a bit in the cups but FOT and even shapes are worth a shot. I did decide to send this bra back after all since I already have several basic black bras, but was pleased to get a chance from the bra-gods to try out another Curvy Kate style.

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