Quest for a Plunge: Parfait By Affinitas Casey Plunge, 34G

I recently bought a very cute wrap-style dress with a low neckline. However, all of my full-bust bras have very high gores (which I generally like), and don't work well for low-cut clothes. So I'm on a bit of a quest, and will be trying out a few plunge bras and reviewing them as I go.

A note about my size: I recently noticed that my bras were starting to not fit as well anymore. After retiring a couple bras that had simply stretched out too much, I decided to remeasure myself with the calculator. Turns out, my measurements now are pointing towards 34GG or 32H, a cup-volume larger than what I've been wearing. Of course, the calculator is just a starting point and many of my 34Gs still fit fairly well, especially ones with stretchy fabric which allow for some fluctuation in size. Not to mention that some bras run large or small.

Just wanted to mention that, and am keeping it in mind for my review.

30-40 D-G (I kinda dig the briefs)

Parfait by Affinitas is an American lingerie company that helpfully uses UK sizing to create their bras. They're great in that they're more widely available in the US and are at a lower price point than many of the regular UK brands. I haven't really tried many of their bras since they tend to be molded (not my fave), and nothing has truly caught my eye. But in my desire to find a good plunge, Casey came up as a commonly recommended style.

A closer look at the lace details

Casey is a rather plain bra, though the lace on the sides is a nice touch and keeps it from being all-business. I do find it a bit boring, but many people prefer having "everyday" staples (though I am not one of them). I think it definitely fills a need in the market. I will say that Casey does provide a really nice round shape with a high apex (pictured below), even when the fit is not ideal for my breasts. Sadly, that is the problem for me with most molded cups: the cups made the shape by forcing my breasts to sit within that shape. It is not able to make that shape by properly supporting and lifting my bust. It does have a really nice low gore even for a plunge, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Under the aforementioned dress
Another issue I have with most molded cups is that Casey is just too shallow for me. It makes a valiant effort but the lack of immediate projection causes the cups to slide down out of my inframammary fold. When I scoop and swoop there's some nice cleavage (and some quadding), but with any movement my breasts slide out of it. The cups fit me well, and have fairly average to wide wires which makes me think they're either true-to-size or perhaps slightly on the larger side for 34G (since I'm currently straddling 34G and 34GG). The band is true to size, and I can wear it comfortably on the loosest hooks.

Right After Scoop and Swoop
Right After Some Light Movement :(

Casey is a very soft, comfortable bra. The foam it is made out of is thin and flexible, and contours nicely with little gaping at the top. However it's very uncomfortable when my breasts push the cups down--not only due to where I have skin-on-skin contact, but also the bottom of the band starts to dig into my stomach from the pressure.

There's a reason you don't see many molded cups on this blog! I do think that many people love their molded cups and that they fit well on certain shapes. My shape keeps me from really enjoying the smooth, smooth benefits of those bras. Yet I don't think Casey is a bad choice for someone who does not have as much immediate projection as I do. It's a great staple, and for once I was really looking for something for a specific function. I wish it had worked out, but I'll keep trying more.

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